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Unearthing 100 enterprise-grade blockchain solutions

18 Months | 60 Events | 100 Enterprise applications

About the program

Microsoft’s Century Program is a Corporate- SME bridge program, which will help unearth blockchain solutions for industry-specific use cases. These use cases will be built out into enterprise-grade PoCs (evaluated independently), which will be taken to market by each sponsor.


Microsoft Century Season - 1: Discrete Manufacturing


Panel members for season-1

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Why Sponsor?

If you are an OEM, SI or a platform, we can help you find solutions from some of the best emerging tech innovators in India. Support the Century program and get up to 9 unique emerging tech solutions tailor-made for problems your organisation is looking to solve Here are the benefits of participating in the century program -

Platform Adoption

Developer Community

Implementable use case

Assured number of startups building exclusively on your platform

Establish a developer community for your platform

Real-time industry use-cases ready for implementation

Enterprise adoption

Thought leadership

Widespread publicity

and PR 

Drive Enterprise Adoption & future business opportunities

Blockchain expertise across industries

In association with Microsoft, driven by traction.

Why Participate?

If you are a startup, or an SME you’re in the right place! We can help you find new customers and take your solution to the market. Here are the benefits of participating in the century program -

Go to market support

from Microsoft and other SI partners.

Pitching opportunity

in front of global CXOs.

Platform support

Help solutions to build on azure.

Industry Opportunity

to get customers across industry sectors.

Blockchain expertise

from Microsoft and other enterprises.

Widespread publicity and PR

in association with Microsoft and other enterprises.

Sponsors of Century season-1


Upcoming tracks in Century Program

Media and Entertainment

Oil and Natural Gas

Trade Finance



Public Sector

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