Wizard Network

The Wizard Network is a community of Campus Ambassadors in colleges all over India. As a Wizard you will have exposure to global corporations working with emerging technologies and gain hands on experience in building developer relations. Members of the Wizard Network also have free access to a variety of developer programs, Conferences and Meet-ups organized by us, in addition to Internship opportunities with our clientelle....know more


Brand Associations


Becoming a Young Innovator

Once you're part of the Wizard Network, you will be able to choose from the ongoing projects to work on with your main responsibility being to create and engage a community of like minded developers. At the end of the current projects, the best performer in the Wizard Network will be awarded a full time internship where you will further develop your skills in building developer relations. Based on your performance you may also be recommended for Community Manager roles at our partnering corporates.

Internship Opportunity

Wizard Network

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Ongoing Projects

Joining the Wizard Network 

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