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Every BUIDLer's gateway to Web3

Build the future of Web3 with the ultimate developer experience.
Lumos Labs - with its holistic product suite -is set to simplify access to global growth opportunities in the Web3 Industry for developers.


Our Approach

We’re taking a significant approach to enrich the major points in a developer’s journey that Web3 companies are focused on adding value to.


Empower developers with Web3 education through the Lumos Academy.


Enable developer communities to test their Web3 development skills through the Lumos HackHub.


Get in touch with Web3 talent with professional skillsets, or find job opportunities in the Web space among major Web3 companies.


Find the right grant programmes from across the Web3 space to support your projects with the Lumos Grants Programme.


Find Web3 opportunities for developers brought together by Web3 companies from around the world in an immersive metaverse.

The building blocks of every </developer's> Web3 journey

Built to cater to all significant developer experiences, Lumos Labs is taking a significant approach to enrich four major points in a developer’s journey that Web3 companies are focused on adding value to.

Bringing the best of Web3 education to developers everywhere

Simple courses to learn Web3 development across various platform

Interactive exercises, quizzes and assessments to test knowledge

A dedicated community forum for conversations and collaborations

An NFT certificate on completion to sport as a badge of honour

Host hackathons for developers that are ready for a challenge

Hackathon management tool for Web3 companies & student organizations

Bring opportunities and incentives to enable innovation in the Web3 space

Advanced demographic data with filtration system

Comprehensive analytics dashboard for rich insights to track performance.

Where startups find the growth opportunities they need in the Web3 ecosystem

Designing programmes with end-to-end management of operations

Quality Web3 education and mentoring with bootcamps

One-on-one tech support for startups building on blockchains

Partner onboarding for wider range of offerings


Where Web3 talent meets the right career opportunities

Bringing vetted career opportunities to vetted talent.

Get insights into the expectations set for Web3 Careers.

Talk to in-house experts at the Lumos Metaverse.

Share your resume and find the right Web3 role for you (technical and non-technical roles)!

Explore a curated set of grants from across the Web3 space

Find listings of Web3 grants that can support your projects

Get grants by directly connect with Web3 grants commissions

Find profiles of developers with detailed descriptions for grant dispersion.

Connect with potential projects in the Web3 space that can benefit from grants.


Every developer’s gateway to Web3 opportunities

A virtual, immersive space for dev-to-dev collaboration.

Find learning, earning and career opportunities.

Connect with Web3 companies directly at their HQs.

Stay ahead of the curve with competitions in the Web3 space.

For Companies

Boost your developer adoption with the Lumos Labs Product Suite

We built an all-inclusive Web3 innovation centre from scratch to connect with dev communities so you don’t have to. With a set of products that are set to unlock holistic developer engagement and platform adoption, Web3 companies, educational organizations, and foundations can empower developers’ Web3 journeys starting from the grassroots.

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Hey, BUIDLer,

Enter the gateway to a world of Web3 opportunities!

Lumos Labs is every developers gateway's to Web3. It is equipped to connect developers with major opportunity pools that come straight from Web3 companies.

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Our </Amazing> Clients

Our </Amazing> Clients

Near Protocol
Internet Computer
Arcana Network
Hedera Hashgraph
Fluence Network
Nervos Network
Fluence Network

The Lumos Legacy

Since 2018, we’ve been on a path to catalyse innovative growth in the Web3 space. Bringing developers and Web3 companies together to share opportunities is integral to this path that we’re on. Through our new and improved product suite, we are set to accomplish this mission.

We’ve built our reputation by organizing developer enablement programmes. We’ve worked with note-worthy Web3 players like Polkadot, Binance, Æternity, NEAR, Polygon, the State Government of Telangana and more, to conduct 50+ innovation programmes to encourage developers to BUIDL.

Our Success


member strong developer community

$1 million+

disbursed in grants to developers


Web3 Clients

$1.1 million

in seed funding

Here's what our clients have to say about us

Team Lumos Labs hosted our focused blockchain accelerator which gave us access to some really solid India web3 startups. Their commitment to builders in the web3 space is commendable.

Shreyas Narayan Kutty
Head of Guilds at Near Foundation

Our very first developer relations engagement with Lumos Labs was a very successful one with over 2k devs engaged. The team's effort & their grip over the developer ecosystem in India is commendable. Lumos truly holds the key to the web3 ecosystem in India

Vignesh Raja
Director BD - HBAR Foundation

Lumos is focussed on helping web3 dev community in every way possible. With a ton of experience and deep understanding of the industry, they can clearly lead the way for dev communities

Pareen Lathia
Co-Founder at BuildersTribe

Lumos Labs have been great partners for us at Biconomy. They have helped us in building dev communities and spreading web3 awareness in India.

Aniket Jindal
Co-Founder at Biconomy

Lumos Labs makes sure to deliver upto your expectations. They are doing God's work bringing your average web2 users to web3.

Om Malviya
President at Tezos India

The Lumos Labs team is well integrated into the Indian web3 ecosystem. They were the ideal hackathon partner to upon up the doors to local communities

Marlene Ronstedt
Head of Crypto Relations at Streamr

Our Events


Test 1


September 12, 2023

Polygon 101


September 12, 2023

Into the web3 Metaverse

Lets talk all things web3. With the founders of Lumos, builder's Tribe, Truts, Spheron and Pillow

September 5, 2023

Metaverse 101

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September 14, 2023

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